Manifesto: Product, People, Planet


At Linnemann everything starts from the design process, developing products where functionality, comfort and timeless style come together.

The design concept behind Linnemann, harks back to the Danish design traditions of functionalism. All products are designed with function and usability in mind, always in a subtle Nordic aesthetic. Every item we produce, is meant to be available to anyone regardless of size and sex. Linnemann is a brand for the global nomad, who chooses fewer, but better things. We design objects and garments, that are easy to take with you, when you are travelling or making a new place your home. With the key focus on fabrication and functionality in mind, we allow our collections to move at their own pace, reflecting the moment rather than the season.



Respect for the people making our products is key to Linnemann.

Social responsibility in the supply chain is at the core of our practice. All our high-quality products are made in partnership with companies we believe in and want to support. When choosing our production partners, we look for certified ethical production, exquisite craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

We celebrate the people who turn materials into beautiful products by making transparency the new normal and, we want to show the industry and our customers that great design does not have to come at the cost of the workers.

If you want to learn more about our supply chains, check our production partners.



From our everyday office environment to our shipping policies, we at Linnemann are making every effort to run our business with the minimal environmental footprint.

At Linnemann we have great consideration for the environment. For this reason we use the best sustainable and environmental friendly materials for all our products. Our Edda frames are made by 100% recycled green cast while Edda prints are printed on recyclable paper. For our Norn collection we locally sourced the best raw materials available helping making the product greener by cutting down on transportation.

We are continuously reducing waste within Linnemann. We always employ recyclable packaging for our deliveries and we use green courier shipping options whenever possible. Leftovers of fabrics are reused for other projects and never thrown away. Finally, we also have cut down on the use of plastic and other unsustainable materials in the office.