Spinning fair trade ethical design


The first and core collection by Linnemann "Norn" consists of unisex and unisize separates and soft accessories. All Norn products are made in handspun, handdyed and handwoven fabrics from Ethiopia.

Produced in partnership with fairtrade certified textile manufacturer Sabahar. The collection is made from locally sourced cotton and handspun by local craftswomen. The fabric is handwoven by the local craftsmen. The fabric is washed, pressed and quality inspected before being shipped to Denmark.


Weaving fair trade ethical design



Sabahar World Fair-Trade Organization Member WFTO         

We have worked together with Sabahar since 2014, when Stine first visited Addis Ababa to work on a collection for them. Sabahar employs 200+ people including weavers, spinners and a whole host of other highly skilled people to produce textile accessories for the home and scarves. They are a member of the World Fair-Trade Organization (WFTO), guarenteeing good working conditions and fair pay among many other measurements taken to support these artisans.

Sabahar produces all the fabric for our Norn collection. Women spin the yarns by hand and men weave it into cloth on hand looms. We use locally sourced cotton fibres to minimize the carbon footprint.

 World Fair Trade Organization WFTO Member